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Art Perfum Bcn

Maig 2019 – Mes del Perfum Artesà Natural i Creatiu

El Jardí Secret® retrieves the denomination of its first exhibition that showed perfumery as attrezzo of art Art Perfume to hold the month of May as the one in which artistic perfumery will be promoted in Barcelona.

Talks, discussions and workshops aimed at the local environment to showcase this weakened profession, based on the knowledge and exercise of the trade

Presentacions de d’experiències creatives avantguardistes  que donaran  potencia a les sensacions d’aquesta terra, tant per persones del país com foranies.

During the month that the exhibition lasts, the work of international perfumers will be presented with very different styles.


International perfumers

In any section we always talk about perfumers that work exclusively with natural elements.

Olivia Larson

Olivia Larson (Basalt Colorado – USA)

Laurie Stern

Laurie Stern – (El Corralito California – USA)