A study focused on the art of perfumery excellence, made with artisanal techniques that extol the rich qualities of the world’s natural materials.



Esperança Cases Prats - Master Artcraft Perfumer


Master Craftswoman badge
Experimental Perfumer

As a Master Artcraft, I designed the space that I would have liked to find, in my beginnings and that is not there yet. I promote individual and tailor-made training in order to guarantee the maximum use of the educational program and I maintain the punctual teaching relationship. I have been fortunate to enjoy international recognition and I work for our country to have a future rich in creative artisan perfumers.


The school is aimed at people with a curiosity for the art of perfumery, the natural world and to discover an infinite creative path. Students who have learned to smell the imagination, have used the learning and knowledge acquired, embarking on very promising paths, not only for themselves, but for a craft that is hidden and covered by other people’s labels.


The courses can be made in Catalan, English, French, Italian or Spanish.


Since they are private, they will be arranged.


Artistic and creative perfumery is linked to natural matter. The architecture and functionality of Nature never ceases to amaze us every time we stop at any of its forms and organisms. So imagine the richness of his essential soul. Contacting this source is therefore the source of the tools for our creativity.

The drivers of learning will be the incentive to experiment in the construction of perfume structures according to the level; the creation of formulas and relationships with other artistic manifestations. Interaction will be the natural language between matter, participants and creativity, paving the way for personal goals.


The commitment to the promotion and protection of the profession has been the great task of my path and is at the foundation of my study and training. Participation in the courses will provide a link that will continue even after having achieved them, for all those participants who want to be part of the center of synergies and information that will form the school, as the aim of this study School, is to discover in the desired levels the secrets of a magical craft, so that it does not disappear.

Artisan circle: learns the apprentice (10), contributes the artisan (90) and the master teach (125).

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