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Laurie Stern


La meva feina com a perfumista ve directament del profund sentit de la connexió que sento amb la terra i les seves plantes i amb el meu amor per l’embalatge fantàstic."

Creo cada perfum com a element de col·leccionista. The perfumes are made in small, numbered vintages, and the rarity of the ingredients alone ensures that only a limited number will ever be created. In earlier eras, a perfume bottle was a precious thing to treasure even long after the perfume itself was gone, and it is this tradition that I try to continue with my own creations.

Laurie Stern

Highway – Perfume by Laurie Stern

Inspirat en les capes de l’ànima, aquest perfum és una barreja de materials rics. Opening with citrusy hues it finds its heart in floral notes. This perfume finishes, woody and warm, healing embrace.


Moolight – Perfum sòlid by Laurie Stern

Rich, magical and luminous, Moonlight is a spicy warm homage to the opulent Oriental perfumes of the 1920s. Inspired by this era of luxury and artistry, Moonlight indulges the senses with an intensely rich floral, citrus opening and a heart set in an Indian accord, Madagascar and Egyptian flowers. A base of leaves and deep, gorgeous wood are in the base.



El Cerrito – San Francisco Bay Area