2. Formulació


Curs de formulació, coneixement de la tècnica i logística de  la  perfumeria creativa i experimental en base natural.

Mes enllà de la base de la creació, reconeixerem la dinàmica que fa possible les formulacions i estructura de les pròpies creacions, en base a l’ofici experimentat.

To access this part, the Initiation Course must have been successful.

Les places són privades


Apart from the hydroalcoholic gel and the distance, the use of a screen mask is mandatory for the dynamics of the activity. You can bring your own, in case you don’t have one, you will be provided with one as you cannot participate without it.

Fora d'estoc


Formulation Course

creative perfume on a natural basis

This course is aimed at all those who wish to make perfumery a more personal and professional challenge.

One more step, in learning, will open the doors of alchemy in the artistic process. Appreciate the technique that supports creativity and bases the works that we want to express, which will lead us to discover the secrets and practices already forgotten in this unknown world.

En acabar aquest curs, caldrà fer un treball de fi de grau en el que es mostrin els coneixements assolits, com a part indispensable per engegar el camí individual que generarà el Diploma valoratiu.

With a positive evaluation, you will be able to offer access to be part of the exclusive community of

to preserve, optimize and grow with natural creative perfumery with a number of unique benefits and services for its members.


Exclusively I N D I V I D U A L:  

Requirements: To access this part you must have successfully completed the Initiation Course.

hours: 8 h

recommended: 4 weeks, at a rate of 2 h / day, other options will be considered.

dates and times: previously arranged in the contact

Students - 1 pax maximum

coneixements: els assolits en el curs d’Initiation

age: up 18 years old



To book the place, it will be made maximum 10 days before the start of the course.
Cancellations that occur 5 days in advance will be refunded 50%; while 24 hours after the activity cannot be returned.

En completar  amb èxit, a través d’avaluació el Curs de Formulació i del treball de Final de Grau, s’entrarà a formar part d’un cercle privat de perfumistes naturals que fomenta la perfumeria experimental i creativa natural.


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