Perfumeria Creativa: Parcial I – Iniciació


Introductory course in creative and experimental perfumery based on naturals.

Door to start the knowledge of creative alchemy and make us our concepts and techniques, exclusively natural, creative and experimental, in the hands of an academic perfumer who teaches from his trade, demonstrated and often awarded. Master Artcraft Perfumer who teaches from his widely proven and sometimes award-winning craft.

Places are private and limited to a maximum of 1 person or 2 in cohabitation.



This course is to encourage learning from experimentation, exclusively with natural elements, beyond an occasional tasting.

At the station of this course can be downloaded all those whose goal is to apply the knowledge to the immediate and personal field.

Sempre es mantindran les recomanacions de cara a la pandèmia.

Fora d'estoc


Initiation course, in creative and experimental perfume on a natural basis.

Revealing the process of alchemy of natural handicraft perfumery is the soul of this educational blog where perfume creation will take the whole sense that history, materials and the technique of the craft will provide us to apply to basic creations


Exclusively I N D I V I D U A L:  

hours: 8 h

recommended: 4 weeks, at a rate of 2 h / day, other options will be considered.

dates and times: previously arranged in the contact

Students - privats

knowledge not required

age: up 18 years old


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agreed date

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