Leaves Lola 1958


Exclusive silver leaves, designed and made by the Master Craftsman Quim Nadal and the artisan Ruth Nadal from Barcelona containing the solid perfume that speaks of the fragrance of the garden reflected in Lola Anglada's book "La Meva Casa el Meu Jardí (My house, my garden)" ( 1958).

Presented in an upholstery cover with satin bow and inside a black box lined with bow closure.




El Jardí Secret®


Lola 1958 , is a solid perfume by El Jardí Secret®, inspired by the book “La meva casa el meu jardí” (1958), especially in the attunement it conveys with close nature. Shadows of nostalgic fragrances, hidden inside the sharp leaves, which are scattered by the fantasy of its author, Lola Anglada.

The whole path that the piece has taken to reach his hands has been guided by the passion and knowledge of craftsmen, lovers of his craft. The silver leaf has been made, in all its components, by the skill of the goldsmiths Quim and Ruth Nadal. The perfume inside, following the process of El Jardí Secret®, has been made by combining essences, absolutes, tinctures, natural extracts and plant bases, resulting in this fragrance evocative of an intense moment.

Pocket version presentation Lola 1958

Additional information

Weight 0355 g
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 6 cm

"Plata Puntejat", "Plata Llis", "Plata Negre", "Plata Ratllat"


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