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Carla Sofia dos Santos Batista

Junior Creative Perfumer 2020

Revelation 2020

La Carla Sofia dos Santos Batista, has been the revelation of a very difficult year, bringing hope to the uncertain future of creative perfumery, based exclusively on natural matter to transform stories, ideas and opinions into artistic perfumes. Out of curiosity, she unleashed a passion for creative perfumery, which she didn't even know he could develop.

Between these two images are many emotions, goals and subjects that have been installed in Carla’s creative life:

Inici de la Formació a Bcn Art Lab®
Training start at Bcn Art Lab®

Carla Sofia, has been chosen to be the Perfumer Revelation 2020, because this has been made possible by her tireless curiosity, her research and experimental interest, the adaptations of creative guidelines, among other virtues that have pointed out the richness of the contribution to perfumery that Carla can design.

Carla’s perfume organ, where everything is taking shape
Details that dress the story of the Final Degree Project, in the bottle that Carla has designed for her perfume.
The final work of the acquired training has been a magnificent creation that has gathered the learning and the firm steps alone of the junior creative perfumer who has been the Perfumer Revelation 2020

The presentation of the Perfume Water "Dante was a Woman" will take place in March 2021.

Aquest és un títol que ha adquirit una persona pel seu aprenentatge, passió i dedicació que es va materialitzar en una de les obres perfumistes mes bella que olorat mai.

Carla maybe like so many other people, didn’t know she could be a creative perfumer. She had never stopped to think that she could compose a wonderful symphony made of rich chords from the garden of the world. She didn’t know it until her hands were mixing materials along the thread of the story that gave name to her Opera Prima.

Camera and edition Andrea Rigalós

The gift to be chosen as Revelation 2020 consisted of the bottle designed by Carla Sofia for her work Dante was a Woman prepared by the glassmaker Salvador Marce and a visual report made for the photographer and videomaker Andrea Rigalós

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International School of Creative Perfume

After so many years advancing in the different fields of this essential path, I have outlined a learning system for groups of up to 6 students, which I would have liked to have at my start. May May 30 at 7 p.m.The dynamics of this exclusive program of practical studies will be presented to achieve open training in the field of creative perfume.

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May 25, the inscriptions to the information day will be closed. Inscriptions which are essential for the assistance.

Will be presented at El Bagul del Marxant (The Merchant Chest), Thursday, May 30 at 7pm.